This week ASU students will get the chance to exercise their democratic rights with the ASU elections! Please remember to vote for your preferred candidate on Monday/Tuesday at the South Gate campus and Wednesday/Thursday at the main campus because you, the students, have the power to chose your future student leaders.

NOTE: Elections will end everyday at 6pm.  

CORRECTION…the burgers will be given out to the first students to arrive at the STADIUM PARKING LOT!!!

In N Out

Today the In N Out truck will be parked behind pool giving away free burgers to all ASU students! Don’t forget to pass out on this opportunity for free food! :)

Do not forget to vote this week for the new, amended constitution because it cannot be finalized without you!

Besides, it only takes a few minutes :D


The graduation theme has been chosen for the 2012-2013 school year. The theme is..(drum roll please!)…”EMPOWERING SUCCESSFUL MINDS FOR THE FUTURE”

Congrats to Gloria Lavas for winning! :)

ASU has amended the constitution. Please revise at the link below for more info.


Black History Month

ASU is hosting a Black History Month art contest!

So for anyone interested, drop by G8-119 for more details.

March in March

Don’t forget to sign up for March in March taking place at Sacramento. It is on a first-com-first-serve basis so do not procrastinate! Also, there is a $20 deposit for the trip, but you will have your money returned at the trip. Pack light because this will only be for a few days, and there will only be one backpack allowed per student.

Make sure to take advantage of this trip because this is what the $1 rep fee pats for, and it is a great opportunity to meet community college students from all over California, and to pressure our representatives to keep our fees down! 

Attention to all South Gate students! Today ASU will be giving out free Tommy’s burgers until 3:30pm! 

Introduction :D

Welcome to the brand new Associated Student Union of East Los Angeles College blog! This is where you can be informed about what ASU is really doing for the student body, and how students benefit from ASU. Now, students can know about the events that ASU might be hosting and/or funding directly from the source.